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How StoneHill Technical Solutions Helped Irvine Veterinary Services Get Back On The Road To Delivering The Highest Quality Pet And Client Care

Irvine IT SupportIrvine Veterinary Services is a multi-location animal hospital in Irvine, California that specializes in providing the highest quality pet care and client care by enriching and protecting the special relationship between pets and people. CEO Pam Cole discusses how StoneHill Technical Solutions has helped Irvine Veterinary Services with the right strategic guidance and technology planning.

“In today’s business environment whether you are in the business of retailing, sales, or delivering professional services – a long-term investment in IT services is crucial to productivity and profitability.”  Pam Cole | CEO – Irvine Veterinary Services

The situation: a high-pace, multi-location veterinary practice that needs a responsive and trustworthy IT Support provider to provide them with the right IT leadership and strategic guidance that matches their needs. 

Not being advised by their previous Managed Services Provider on the pros and cons of implementing a new line of business application, IVS’ guarantee to deliver the highest quality of pet and client care was negatively impacted by the frustrations of technology issues.

The team at Irvine Vet needed help fast. Delivering the immediate support to get through their pain, StoneHill was then able to focus on providing the strategic leadership and guidance that IVS needed to get their IT and their business back on track.

“In our IT environment employees must be able to focus on our clients and patients, and not our IT infrastructure.” Pam Cole, CEO of Irvine Veterinary Services goes on to say.

The solution: StoneHill Technical Solutions helped Irvine Veterinary Services focus on delivering high-quality pet and client care by seeing the big picture and developing a resolution plan that addressed both the short-term needs and the long-term goals for their business.

StoneHill Technical Solutions ended up being the ideal choice for Irvine Veterinary Services, providing them with the following solutions to their list of concerns:

  • A technology resolution plan to match their needs – built with their company in mind was developed with the right technical know-how to get the job done right the first time while minimizing downtime to our operations. “They implemented many critical improvements to ensure the stability of our IT environment and continue to make sure our IT systems are functioning smoothly.” Cole says.
  • Providing high-quality support and service – knowing that the team at StoneHill is available to assist 24 hours a day, seven days a week with any technology issues they face, whether its software issues, hardware issues, or even printer or network connectivity issues, they are always able to help IVS stay on track.

Cole elaborates, saying, “StoneHill has ALWAYS assisted us in assuring that not only our current network is functioning but also our vision that it will CONTINUE to function.”

The outcome: Irvine Veterinary Services now has a trustworthy IT partner they can depend on in StoneHill Technical Solutions. StoneHill has helped them to continue focusing on delivering high-quality pet and client care by eliminating the need to worry about their IT systems. 

“For nearly a decade StoneHill has delivered on everything they have promised and guaranteed. I trust the company culture that is hardworking, honest and professional.” Cole goes on to say. Since working with StoneHill Technical Solutions, Irvine Veterinary Services has seen significant benefits, including:  

  • Peace of mind – by providing us with what we need to stop worrying about our technology and allowing us to manage efficiently our time and tasks to deliver exceptional high-quality pet and client care that our customers have come to expect.
  • A trustworthy IT partner that puts their needs first – even as our company has evolved, StoneHill has always understood our unique needs and has delivered and implemented the right technology that fits those needs.

Cole continues expressing appreciation, saying, “I would recommend StoneHill as a trusted partner for any business that understands that IT is complicated, essential to any business’s success and that IT services of quality are a key component of business success in today’s fast-moving and complex world.”

To benefit from StoneHill Technical Solutions’ expert leadership and high-value support today, contact them at (949) 540-7710 or You too can enjoy the success that Irvine Veterinary Services has gained with the best IT support available in the Orange County area today.

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