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The Claremont Institute Looks to StoneHill Technical Solutions, Inc. For A More Robust IT Environment & Forward-Thinking Support

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Experiencing both new and recurring issues on a daily basis, The Claremont Institute found itself in need of IT expertise. Thankfully, StoneHill Technical Solutions, Inc. had seen that they needed help and immediately got to work assessing their IT environment. Diagnosing concerns, needs, and open opportunities of The Claremont Institute’s IT, StoneHill Technical Solutions, Inc. was able to provide clear and innovative solutions, as well as the technical know-how, to allow The Claremont Institute to regain focus on achieving its goals.   

In today’s world almost everything requires we be connected to our technologies and the Internet. For businesses especially, experiencing issues with networking can mean coming face to face with significant challenges regarding even simple everyday operations.

The Situation: A Need For Major IT Updates & Accessible Support To Keep Them Connected!

With constant issues bringing their internet down, and various other scattered issues arising, The Claremont Institute realized that in order to stay connected and keep daily operations going they needed to make improvements to their IT environment. Along with the technical expertise and know-how required to do this, it was important that The Claremont Institute have an IT partner that would be accessible and responsive to them both during and after improvements were made.

That’s where StoneHill Technical Solutions, Inc. came in – offering responsive, expert support that The Claremont Institute could rely on. The team at StoneHill Technical Solutions, Inc. was able to diagnose concerns and needs of The Claremont Institute’s IT environment, and take a proactive stance to utilize open opportunities.

The Solution: An Upgraded IT Environment & Innovative Support That They Can Put Full Trust In!

StoneHill Technical Solutions, Inc. has implemented a number of critical improvements to The Claremont Institute’s IT environment, and continues to help them on a daily basis. Gransden explains some of the improvements StoneHill Technical Solutions, Inc. has implemented, and expresses appreciation, “In the nearly two years we have been working with StoneHill Technical Solutions, Inc., they have been able to handle a wide range of issues for us involving workstations, printers, a networked copy machine, a networked phone system, a variety of mobile devices, network servers, email, and internet connectivity. The StoneHill Technical Solutions people I have encountered have been very easy to work with – there is a stereotype of technicians as being good with things and bad with people, but that does not apply to the folks at StoneHill Technical Solutions, Inc. They have cheerfully gone out of their way to accommodate our schedule, even if that means occasionally working outside the normal 9-5 time frame. And I believe they are good, trustworthy people, and that is important to me.”

“Per dollar, we get at least as much service from StoneHill Technical Solutions, Inc. as with other options I am familiar with, and it is high quality service.” Grandsen adds.

The Outcome: A Secure, Protected IT Environment & Accessible, Quick Responding Support for Peace of Mind!

Since signing on with StoneHill Technical Solutions, Inc., The Claremont Institute has noticed significant benefits from the technical upgrades and fixes they receive, as well as the outstanding support. Grandsen expresses appreciation on behalf of the institute, saying, “With the package we have, we have had very few security problems. On the rare occasion we have them, StoneHill Technical Solutions, Inc. can very quickly access our workstations and server remotely and nip the problem in the bud.”

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