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Prepare for Anything That Could Disrupt or Compromise Your Investment in Technology

Have you thought about how secure your technology is? About whether you have sensitive or confidential data that could be stolen, or if an unexpected disaster could drag down productivity or even close your doors? More importantly, have you thought about how much you or your employees could suffer because of an easily-prevented security breach?

Don’t take your security for granted.


Look, we get it – it all sounds like doom and gloom when you talk about security. It’s no fun. But it’s the world we live in. Businesses of all sizes and shapes in Orange County are waking up to the fact that ANYONE can be targeted by cybercrime or lose valuable services and data to a disaster. StoneHill Technical Solutions’ protection service helps you prepare for anything that could hit your business, so you’re ready to quickly and easily bounce back and get back to work.

  • First, we look at The Present: Analyzing your existing security and technology and looking for weak points. Could be holes in your network and email defenses that a hacker could exploit, or maybe insufficient backups that won’t protect you if disaster strikes.
  • Then, we plan for The Future: Once we know where you’re vulnerable, we patch the holes. The best network and email security, 24/7 remote monitoring of your systems to watch for and stop problems, and business continuity planning to prepare for fast and simple recovery from disaster.

Find out for yourself what we’re talking about. Call us today at (949) 540-7710 and we’ll talk about the difference
StoneHill’s leadership and strategy can make for YOUR business.

There are a lot of services that are part of the StoneHill Plan, which we provide for Orange County businesses at a flat-rate monthly fee. Here are some of the parts of our plan focused on Protection and Security.

Security Consulting – Thinking Like Cybercriminals in Order to Stop Cybercriminals

Any business of any size or industry can fall victim to cybercrime these days. In fact, smaller businesses are MORE likely to be targeted because hackers expect you won’t have the proper security to keep them out. That’s why the first step in keeping your business secure is to look at your systems the same way a hacker would.

  • We’ll become familiar with your existing security settings, products, and protocols, so we know what your defenses look like from inside.
  • Then, we’ll analyze your security from outside – just like a hacker would. We’ll see if we can break in using hacker techniques.
  • We’ll talk to you and your staff about safe networking practices, so you can know what to watch for and how to avoid common cybercriminal techniques.

It might seem like all we do here is look for weakness – but once we see where you’re vulnerable, we can strengthen your defenses to keep you safe. To learn more, read on or give us a call to talk about analyzing YOUR security.

Email & Network Security – Defending the Gates to Your Business

There are two main gateways to your business IT systems: your email and your networks. They’re also the parts of your technology you use the most, especially your email. That’s why you can’t take them for granted.

  • We’ll provide the right tools and procedures to keep you secure, including anti-virus, firewalls, password settings, anti-spam, user authentication… you name it.
  • We’ll do regular full sweeps of your systems to look for malware and other problems, so we can keep your technology efficient and effective.
  • We’ll instate 24/7 remote monitoring of your systems to watch for intrusion or for potential problems, so they can be immediately dealt with.

Once your email and networks are secured, they’ll be easier, faster, and safer to use every day, so you can always rely on them to get work done. Sound good? Read on to learn more, or give us a call to talk about securing YOUR technology.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Preparing for Whatever Threat the Future Might Hold

It’s not just cybercrime you have to prepare for when securing your technology – you’ve also got to plan for unexpected disasters. Could be as big as an earthquake or a devastating electrical storm, or as small as an accidentally deleted file. Anything that could set your business back is a disaster – but we can keep you prepared.

  • Regular backups of all your systems; not just your files, but your applications and settings too.
  • Backups saved in the cloud along with your hosted system, so you never have to worry that anything is lost because office equipment is damaged.
  • Planning and strategy to prepare for quick recovery in the face of any disaster, so you can immediately get back to work.

Our planning and protocols are focused on fast and easy recovery, so while other businesses are still scrambling to get back on their feet, you can focus on getting back to work. Read more or give us a call to talk about preparing YOUR business for any disaster.

StoneHill Technical Solutions provides professional, proactive, and visionary leadership in information technology. We want Orange County companies to thrive because the IT solutions we provide help them reach their goals. To learn about how we can help your business grow and prosper, contact us today at (949) 540-7710 or

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