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We know how hard you work to keep your nonprofit organization afloat, let alone successful. There’s a lot that goes into maintaining the connections and communications that are so vital to an organization like yours, and your technology lies at the center of that.

We can help you get more for less with the right technology for your needs.

StoneHill knows that you need the same kind of innovative solutions as any business, but you’ve got a tight budget and specific goals. That’s why we focus on GUIDANCE and LEADERSHIP for Orange County nonprofit organizations – helping you leverage the right technology at the right price for the right purpose.

  • Leadership & Guidance: We’ll work with you to determine what you need your technology to do and then present the best options that fit your budget, so you can take advantage of innovative technology without a huge price tag.
  • Mobility: Many nonprofits need to work outside the office just as much as inside it. We’ll help you leverage mobile cloud technologies to make it easy to share applications and records with team members in the field, and to collaborate with sister organizations on the same projects and donor lists.
  • Communications: At its heart, your business is about people. So we’ll make sure you can always rely on your information technology to be the communications hub you need. We’ll streamline and backup your email so you can access it anytime, anywhere, and help you leverage more reliable and affordable VoIP phone networks that every member of your team can use.

StoneHill Technical Solutions can help your Orange County nonprofit organization do more for less with our streamlined and mobile technology solutions. Call us today at (949) 540-7710 to learn how we can help YOUR business.

Guidance & Leadership

We want to get to know you so we can find the right IT solutions for YOUR needs. Tell us about your organization, your mission, and your goals. We’ll make recommendations to help you leverage technology to pursue those goals.

  • Leadership – We’ll serve as the virtual Chief Information Officer for your organization, to help you plan for the future of your business’ technology. We’ll help you develop a realistic but effective IT budget and make wise investments focused on improving productivity and efficiency for your organization. We’ll also implement proactive solutions for your technology to stop problems before they start, saving you time every day.
  • Guidance – We’ll talk about different options that innovative technologies present for your business, like how cloud solutions can improve mobility or strip away excess technologies that you don’t need. You’d be surprised to learn just how much technology you can leverage without breaking the bank.
Mobility & Communications

More than most businesses, a nonprofit works outside the office just as much as inside. Your technology should be able to follow you wherever you go so you can leverage its power to save time and impress your donors.

  • Cloud-Based Hosted Systems: We can host virtual systems for you in the cloud, whether it’s to share files among your team members, to access calendars and records on the go while you’re canvassing, or to have an entirely virtual desktop environment you can access on any computer. Plus, hosted systems are streamlined to give you exactly the service you want, without paying for anything extra.
  • VoIP Business Phones: We offer a VoIP business telephone solution that provides high-end business features like conference calling, automated attendants, and PBX functionality, all for less than the cost of a traditional phone network. Plus you can access your VoIP network on your smartphone, so you use the same phones in and out of the office.

StoneHill Technical Solutions provides professional, proactive, and visionary leadership in information technology. We want Orange County companies to thrive because the IT solutions we provide help them reach their goals. To learn about how we can help your business grow and prosper, contact us today at (949) 540-7710 or

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