Guidance & Leadership to Leverage the Right Technology at the Right Price for the Right Purposes

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We get how tough the economy is for a smaller business right now. We grew up from a small business ourselves, and hey, it’s not like we’re a Fortune 500 company (yet!). We know how vital it is to make sure all the parts of your business machine are well-oiled and working together, and that every penny you spend has to be put into something that will give you back a return on your investment.

Your technology is no different.

A lot of smaller businesses think they’ll never be able to afford the kind of technology that truly offers a good ROI, but that’s just not true. Sure, technology can get expensive, but you can find the right options at the right price for the right purpose if you have the right GUIDANCE and LEADERSHIP. That’s what StoneHill is all about.

  • Leadership: We learn about your business and what you use technology to accomplish every day, and then present you with options to improve that vital relationship. We’ll be there to guide you towards better technological investments that will keep you productive and efficient, so you can focus on running your business and not fighting with technology.
  • Convenience: We’ll work with you to find and leverage information technology that makes it easier for you to do business, such as mobile cloud technologies that let you work from home, virtual and hosted services to leverage high-end business applications without huge licensing fees, and automated cloud backups that give you peace of mind knowing you never have to worry about losing access to your important systems.

StoneHill Technical Solutions understands the needs of small and mid-sized businesses in Orange County, and we’re dedicated to providing technology you can count on without breaking the bank. Call us at (949) 540-7710 today to learn more.

Guidance & Leadership

We firmly believe that technology can be one of the greatest assets a small business can leverage to focus on success. You just need to have a strategy for taking advantage of the right technology for your unique needs. There’s a solution out there for everyone, and StoneHill can help you find yours.

  • Leadership: We’ll serve as a virtual Chief Information Officer for your business, without the high price of actually hiring a new C-level executive. That means helping you budget for your IT and make smart investments in technology solutions that will improve productivity, streamline your operations, and ultimately let you focus on your business.
  • Proactive Solutions: We remotely monitor your systems 24/7 to stop problems before they can cause disruptions, saving you time and frustration.
  • Guidance: We’ll talk about different options that innovative technologies present for your business, like how cloud solutions can improve mobility or strip away excess technologies that you don’t need. You’d be surprised to learn just how much technology you can leverage without breaking the bank.>
Security & Peace of Mind

Some smaller businesses think they don’t have to worry about IT security. They hear stories about data theft and hacking attacks on big-name corporations like Home Depot or JP Morgan Chase, and think, “We’re too small to worry about that.” But the truth is that smaller businesses are MORE likely to be targeted by cybercrime or to be devastated by disaster, and are far less likely to survive the encounter. You can’t take your security for granted. We won’t.

  • Backups & Business Continuity: We help you backup your IT systems and files and make a plan to react to any level of disaster quickly and easily, so you’ll still be able to keep working in the face of any disaster.
  • Security Consulting: We’ll analyze your systems for weak points and work to patch any holes in your defences, so you can’t be exploited by cybercriminals looking to steal information that could compromise your livelihood or your clients’.

StoneHill Technical Solutions provides professional, proactive, and visionary leadership in information technology. We want Orange County companies to thrive because the IT solutions we provide help them reach their goals. To learn about how we can help your business grow and prosper, contact us today at (949) 540-7710 or

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