When a Law Firm’s Server Crashed & Caused Three Days of Downtime – They Looked to StoneHill Technical Solutions for the Quick & Efficient IT Support Needed to Continue Business Operations!

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Grant, Genovese & Baratta, LLP is a civil litigation and appellate practice with a strong focus on business litigation, insurance defense, business & real estate transactional law, corporate law, and advise/consultation. When the firms servers crashed and caused a complete outage for three days, they reached out to StoneHill Technical Solutions to resolve the crash and get their business IT systems back up and running!

As a law firm, Grant, Genovese & Baratta heavily relies on their technology to continue day-to-day operations while ensuring the accessibility and reliability of their clients’ sensitive data. When their technology fails, they’re unable to serve their clients to the best of their ability.

The Situation: A Need for IT Expertise to Resolve the Server Crash & Get Their Business IT Systems Back Up & Running!

When all of the firm’s servers crashed and caused a complete outage for three days, they knew they had to work with a team of IT experts to resolve the crash and various issues, such as:

  • Email failing to be received.
  • Mail and file server failing to turn on.
  • Multiple bad hard drives on the RAID array.

Melinda Cohen, Paralegal at Grant, Genovese & Baratta, explained, “Our server crashed and left us without the use of our computers for close to 3 days, which was devastating for a law firm! The person who had been attempting to act as our IT go-to person had warned us that we needed to seriously consider upgrading/enlarging the server, but they kept putting it off. When the crash occurred, of course, they immediately went screaming to StoneHill Technical Solutions for help!”

The Resolution: A Leading IT Support Company That Worked Around-the-Clock to Resolve IT Issues & Minimize Downtime!

When StoneHill Technical Solutions arrived at their practice, they brought up critical business IT systems onto an interim server, and then started to work towards implementing a permanent solution. In addition, they worked around-the-clock to retrieve all of the old mail, restore mail flow, bring back the file and web server, and restore business operations for the next day.

Melinda Cohen offered some valuable insight into the benefits of working with StoneHill Technical Solutions, “They’re very responsive to our every question/need and we’ve experienced little-to-no downtime since they’ve stepped in. Every time I send them an email ticket, they fix my problem quickly and easily, often over the phone. It gives one a lot of peace of mind to know they are there and know the answers. From my perspective as a paralegal here, I think they are terrific! StoneHill Technical Solutions rocks!”

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