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StoneHill Technical Solutions often delivers over and above my expectations and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Managed IT Support Provider services.

Ken August / August Law Group

Komar Investments appreciates the responsiveness of StoneHill to our needs and the rapport we have with their staff.

Julie Fujita / Komar Investments

They’re very responsive to our every question/need and we’ve experienced little-to-no downtime since they’ve stepped in. Every time I send them an email ticket, they fix my problem quickly and easily, often over the phone. It gives one a lot of peace of mind to know they are there and know the answers. From my perspective as a paralegal here, I think they are terrific! StoneHill Technical Solutions rocks!”

Melinda Cohen / Grant, Genovese & Baratta
Legal IT Services Orange County

“For nearly a decade StoneHill has delivered on everything they have promised and guaranteed. I trust the company culture that is hardworking, honest and professional.”

Pam Cole / Irvine Veterinary Services

“David and the team of StoneHill Technical Solutions have continually provided us with the finest level of support we’ve ever experienced from an IT support firm. With their unparalleled customer service, they have always been there to promptly meet all of our technology needs. From my perspective as an executive assistant, I think the team is absolutely amazing! Keep up the great customer service!”

Tara Kreidler / Irvine Veterinary Services

“The StoneHill people I have encountered have been very easy to work with – there is a stereotype of technicians as being good with things and bad with people, but that does not apply to the folks at StoneHill. They have cheerfully gone out of their way to accommodate our schedule, even if that means occasionally working outside the normal 9-5 time frame. I believe they are good, trustworthy people, and that is important to me.”

Bob Grandsen / The Claremont Institute

Prior to StoneHill, we were paying hourly for any assistance and a quoted price for large anticipated projects. Our year average of hourly bills was slightly lower than StoneHill but much of that was due to myself or another team member spending hours troubleshooting or interfacing with our software programs or computer manufactures trying to avoid a hefty hourly bill for a technical problem. The pricing model is actually what sold us on StoneHill.  Now we can budget a fixed cost and our entire staff has the freedom to submit a ticket and let StoneHill take it from there.

StoneHill techs are always familiar with our setup and usually we have the same guys seeing things through from start to finish. They are also proactive in looking for problems before they occur. StoneHill has been a decision that has never once been questioned by our management team.  We brought them on just prior to a major server replacement project which was scary at the time. However, they delivered on a major project right off the bat.  Since making the switch, it has taken a lot off of my plate so I can focus on what I do best.

It is also nice working with a smaller firm that knows you, your business, and is proactively looking for ways to avoid downtime and keep your system working to its full capacity.  At the time of making the switch we really didn’t have any issues with our previous IT company.  After making the switch we were able to see the limitations of a big company and it really highlighted why we like working with Stonehill.  They have always communicated with us well, been up front and honest, and we have really enjoyed partnering with them.

Robby Knutsen / J. Derek Lewis & Associates, Inc.
Information Systems Managment

The service is much better than we were getting from our previous IT consultant. Their help desk is responsive, and whoever picks up the phone is actually a technician who can help someone on the spot. I find that to be helpful, particularly for our remote employees who call in and need help right then and there. And I feel like they hear us when we bring something up about challenges in terms of those in the field. They accommodate our people and it’s definitely appreciated.”

Keri Flores / Too Faced Cosmetics

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