A Growing Cosmetics Company Trusts StoneHill Technical Solutions to Bring Their Information Technology Up to Speed, Enable Their Remote Employees to Maintain Productivity, and Minimize Costly Disruptions & Downtime!

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Too Faced Cosmetics, headquartered in Irvine, CA, is a leading trendsetter in cutting-edge makeup products and accessories. Too Faced Cosmetics has remote employees nationwide who handle specific territories throughout the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. When Too Faced Cosmetics was experiencing a lot of downtime, they decided to find an IT support company align their information technology with their high growth rate.

As a fast-growing cosmetics company, Too Faced Cosmetics heavily relies on their information technology to increase productivity while ensuring collaboration capabilities amongst their remote employees, in order to boost their bottom line.

The Situation: Excessive Downtime & A Lack of Reliable IT Support for Their Growing IT Needs

Prior to working with StoneHill Technical Solutions, Too Faced Cosmetics’ was working with an IT consultant to handle their information technology, however, as their business started to grow, their IT consultant was unable to keep up with their growing IT needs.

Keri Flores, Executive Administrator at Too Faced Cosmetics, explained, “We were working with an IT consultant who did fine for us when we first started up, but he also had a regular full-time job, and as we got bigger and bigger, we outgrew him and needed a full-service solution.”

The Resolution: A Knowledgeable IT Support Company to Bring Their Information Technology Up to Speed While Minimizing Business Disruptions

When StoneHill Technical Solutions started working with Too Faced Cosmetics, their information technology was all over the place – no standardization or automation was in place. In addition, they had some old servers and wireless access was a consistent issue. Fortunately, StoneHill Technical Solutions’ team of IT experts was able to improve:

  • Collaboration after bringing their email in-house from Rackspace.
  • Performance as a result of retiring some of their old servers.
  • Flexibility through moving their sales force from laptops to tablets.
  • Peace of mind as a result of responsive help desk services.
  • Uptime through resolving issues proactively at the root level.

In the simplest terms, the IT standardization and automation allows them to eliminate the need to manage and maintain their information technology on their own, ultimately, freeing them to work on other important business tasks and make the most of their workday. 

The Outcome: A Happy Client on Their Way to Stress and Worry-Free Information Technology Designed to Meet Their Business Goals!

While StoneHill Technical Solutions continues to work towards standardization and automation through ongoing IT projects, Too Faced Cosmetics benefits from a much more stable information technology environment! Plus, Too Faced Cosmetics’ staff members and remote employees are able to leverage responsive IT support for any issues that occur.

Keri offered some valuable insight, “The service is much better than we were getting from our previous IT consultant. Their help desk is responsive, and whoever picks up the phone is actually a technician who can help someone on the spot. I find that to be helpful, particularly for our remote employees who call in and need help right then and there. And I feel like they hear us when we bring something up about challenges in terms of those in the field. They accommodate our people and it’s definitely appreciated.”

To learn more about our proactive approach towards IT services and support, give us a call at (949) 540-7710 or send us an email at Info@StoneHillTech.com. StoneHill Technical Solutions is the preferred IT support company for businesses in Irvine, Laguna Hills, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, and throughout Orange County.

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